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    Mouse holidays!

    What says “vacation” more than bright colors, swimsuits, sun hats and cabanas? Our Beach Mice are ready to sunbathe on the beach. The water is blue, the sand is warm and everyone has their favorite gear. Just in time for the summer heat, our crew hits the waves!

    Our lifeguard has a tower to monitor the beach which turns into a lighthouse at night. He lives inside, so he can monitor the beach at all times. He is wearing a blue striped shirt and classic red swimsuit.

    The older brother wears fins for swimming, the older sister prefers her floral bikini for beach fun, and the little brother and sister play on the beach. Mom and Dad love to relax in their beach chairs, knowing that the lifeguard is standing guard. It's a perfect day for our swimming mice, what else will they do on this beautiful beach day?